MowingIn partnership with the City of Indianapolis, Rupert’s Kids spent the summers of 2013 and 2014 learning and practicing landscaping skills through litter cleanup, mowing and trimming the city’s un-adopted medians.

The consistent, seasonal work projects give participants full-time work experience, while teaching them the importance of planning, scheduling, and budgeting their time to meet the deadlines for each cycle of mowing.


ConstructionHaving recently acquired several houses from the cities of Indianapolis and Shelbyville, Rupert’s Kids is ready to to make essential improvements to make the houses habitable. Once renovations on these homes are complete, these homes will be sold or leased to low-income families as an affordable housing option.

These projects not only provide participants the opportunity to learn important, marketable skills in construction trades, but it also helps to improve the communities and neighborhoods by restoring these homes, so that they no longer sit empty in a state of neglect.