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Frequently Asked Questions

How are participants chosen?

Participants are not really “chosen”.  Individuals interested in making a change hear about our work through friends, family, and are sometimes referred by the system.  Some participants have seen and talked with Rupert on the street and show up at our office looking for help. It is always their choice to stay or go.


How many participants are typically in the program at one time?

There is no limit on the number of participants, but 8-9 is usually a good number.  This size of work team allows Rupert enough time to be able to work with the participants individually, advising and giving them feedback, as well as monitoring the work being done by the group.

When does a participant graduate?

This depends on the participant *


  1. They have proven themselves to be reliable workers, able to work independently and follow directions

  2. They have shown they can maintain legal status.  No new criminal charges.

  3. They have shown they can be fiscally responsible.

  4. All probation fees have been paid.

  5. They have remained clean and sober.


* Even though being a participant in Rupert’s Kids is not a career, the time required to meet the above criteria can be a few months to a few years.

How many participants have participated in the Rupert’s Kids Program?

We are nearing our 150th participant over the last 5 years. 


What is the success rate of participants who have gone through Rupert’s Kids?

Success rate is not a consistent figure.  It is an ever changing number and percentage, based on how many come into the program and the participants to continue to live a better life over time.  


We consider a participant successful if they have paid all probation fees and court costs, completed court ordered classes.  Along with that, our participants must have shown responsibility for themselves by finding full-time employment, having their own housing, paying their bills, and they have no new criminal charges.

How can I help Rupert's Kids?

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