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All the money that is donated to Rupert's Kids goes into the program!  Money donated covers our operational costs, such as utility bills.  The donations also covers participants salaries, insurance, equipment maintenance, etc.  NOTE: Participants are the ONLY ones who draw a salary.

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Individual Donations

Governmental Assistance

Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase to us! No money comes out of your pocket and it helps us! Use this link: and code Rupert's Kids to register us as your organization!


At Rupert’s Kids, we work on a volunteer basis. We need willing individuals who want to give back to their community to come in and help with our projects. We appreciate each individual who comes in to help.


As a volunteer, you will be either helping Kay out with clerical work or going onsite with Rupert and the participants.


Onsite work includes cleaning up the warehouse and arcade, working on house repairs or assisting community members in need of extra help. You may also be helping to put together the men and women’s re-entry housing, the WhereHouse.


E-Mail us and let us know how you would like to help!

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