At Rupert’s Kids, we have a unique program. We take at-risk men and women who have just left the detention center and/or are on probation, parole, house detention (work release) and give them the chance to work.


Our work includes a variety of bid jobs throughout the community, but our main focus is changing lives.  The jobs allow us to help fund our empowerment program without spending tax dollars and shows the participants the importance of giving back to the community.  Jobs include landscaping, mowing, cleaning out vacant homes, remodeling, etc. We teach them how to make a legal living.


The Rupert’s Kids Program starts off with an initial two-week test trial period where the participants get paid $10 a day and a meal to show up and complete the work day.  During this time, they are expected to show up on time and ready to work for 10 consecutive days. Just like any job, if they can not make it in, they are expected to call.  Failure to call or show up results in starting their trial period over. The workload on the trial period is less than that of an established participant, because Rupert uses this opportunity and time with them explaining the program, the value of hard work and team work, how to take care of themselves, etc.  If they are not able to take advantage of the opportunities to improve themselves in that 10 days and make it through the probation period, the chance of success is minimal. Before we invest thousands of dollars into a participant, we want to make sure they at least have the potential to make it.


If the participant can prove after the two-week period that they are responsible enough to show up each day to work, Rupert will hire them.  While working with Rupert, our“Kids” are taught the vocational skills they need to become self-sufficient members of society. They learn a wide-range of skills that include house repair, and money management and time management.  We are always keeping a focus on their future career and helping them create a self-sustaining lifestyle.


Our unique program is designed to teach valuable job skills and instill a sense of confidence and self worth that will guide each of the members of Rupert’s Kids toward stable housing, employment and relationships. In turn, this will help them become independent and contributing members of society.  

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